More Than 30 Years Of Strong Advocacy In Criminal Defense

From misdemeanors to felony charges, attorney Mitch Durham has more than 30 years of experience handling cases across the broad spectrum of criminal defense. He has successfully represented clients in Georgia and federal courts facing misdemeanor and felony charges in cases involving:

  • Drunk driving (DUI)
  • Drug offenses, including possession and trafficking
  • Gang prosecution cases
  • Sex crimes such as sexual assault, rape and molestation
  • Capital crimes, homicide and manslaughter
  • Credit card fraud, identity theft and other white collar crimes
  • Moving violations and traffic violations such as reckless driving

Parents whose child has been charged with a crime can also contact Mr. Durham for assistance with cases in the juvenile court system. He can help protect your child's future in cases involving drugs, shoplifting, fighting and other issues.

Help After A Conviction: Appeals And Expungement

If you have already been convicted of a crime, you may want to discuss the possibility of an appeal. As highly experienced appellate court attorney, Mitch Durham can help evaluate whether you may be able to get a previous conviction overturned or your charges reduce.

If a record of past charges is preventing you from finding a job or a place to live, expungement may be an effective way to clear your record. If your case can be expunged, it will be very beneficial in the event that a future employer does a criminal background check. Mr. Durham can review your case and assist in determining if your criminal case can be expunged or sealed.

Call To Discuss Your Options With A Lawyer

To learn more about defense against criminal charges or other options for improving your situation, call Mitch Durham at 770-427-0743 or contact the firm online. Your initial consultation is always free. With an office in Marietta, Mr. Durham represents clients in and around Cobb County.