Georgia Drug Charges: Frequently Asked Questions

Drug laws are changing rapidly across the country, but Georgia prosecutors can still be very aggressive when pursuing drug-related charges. It is important to understand and take seriously the potential consequences of a drug charge. Here are the answers to some common questions about drug charges.

Will I lose my license?

In the past, any drug conviction automatically resulted in a suspension of driving privileges in Georgia, with no work permits allowed. This law changed in 2014, making it easier for people to keep their license after minor drug charges that do not involve a vehicle.

I use marijuana for medical reasons. Can I still get in trouble with the law?

Georgia's medical marijuana program is gradually expanding, but it is still very limited compared to other states. Only those who suffer from certain serious diseases and conditions (including cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, AIDS and others) may lawfully use marijuana in the state, and only in a specific low-THC form. Other uses of marijuana are still illegal in Georgia.

When does a drug charge become a felony?

You can face felony charges for possession, selling or manufacturing many types of drugs in Georgia, with the exception of small amounts of marijuana. Generally, if you are caught using, selling or manufacturing a controlled substance, including many types of prescription drugs, you may be facing significant jail time and fines.

Help For People Facing Drug Charges

You do not need to face a drug offense charge alone. If you do not take control of your case by enlisting the help of an experienced attorney, you are risking a lengthy prison sentence. Attorney Mitch Durham has been defending people against drug charges in and around Cobb County for decades, developing a deep understanding of the nuances of Georgia drug laws.

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