Mitch Durham can only get the highest reviews from me. I have had only one "run in" with the law in my life and thank goodness I found Mitch. Concerning a very serious charge, I might have qualified for first offender status. But Mitch did better than that and got the charges dropped with simple community service.

Mitch has an impeccable reputation and the respect of the Atlanta criminal justice system. His word means more than most attorneys so the prosecutors listen to him.

I had basically decided to hire Mitch but had one more attorney to interview. This other attorney had a five-star rating and was far more expensive. He could see that I was a good person in a bad situation. He was a former Cobb County prosecutor, I was honest with him and expressed that I was seriously considering hiring Mitch Durham. His words to me were "If you have Mitch Durham you don't need me".

Best regards,